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    We understand that to speak to a solicitor for the first time regarding matters of a very personal nature and during a time in your life when you are under great strain is not an easy task for anyone.

    For this reason, from the outset  we do our utmost to build up a relationship of confidence and trust so that you feel reassured and supported through the procedures involved in your case.

    Our Family Law team have been established for over 25 years and in that time have consistently won coveted industry awards recognising their excellence in practice; in addition team members have been regularly featured in the Legal 500 as leaders in this area of law.

    Our team covers the whole range of family law related matters; with specialisms in everything from adoptions and pre-nuptials through to complex Children Act matters, Divorce and Ancillary Relief settlements. Our client based covers not only England and Wales, but also America, Malaysia and the Middle East. 

    The team has direct access to commercial and property lawyers who can advise and assist on even the most complex financial and property issues. This ensures continuity in the service and advice you receive and also enables  costs to be kept down as all advice can managed in house.

    The firm routinely works alongside domestic abuse charities and those they support, in addition to which the firm takes part in the PSU pro bono scheme available at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. We also run weekly walk in clinics at our LLandow and Whitchurch offices, please contact us further for details.

    All our family work is generated through client and peer based  recommendations and we have an excellent track record of success for clients. We are approachable, pragmatic and above all here to help.


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