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    Who will look after my children?

    Nobody expects to leave this world before they get to see their children grow up.

    However, if you were to pass away while your children were still very young, you would want to know that the people you trust most would be able to step into your shoes and take care of them.

    It is possible to appoint a guardian in your will to take responsibility for your children when you are gone, and this will enable them to take important decisions in relation to their day-to-day care, education and general welfare.

    You may also want to consider setting up a trust under your will which will provide the guardian with the financial means to ensure that your children get the best possible upbringing.

    At Hutton’s, we will guide you through these important decisions and will explain clearly all of the issues you need to consider when it comes to the preparation of your will.

    You will receive detailed advice on how best to plan ahead and an expertly drafted will, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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