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    What will happen to my remains?

    Many people like to include instructions in their wills about what they want done with their body when they pass away.

    You may wish to buried alongside someone to whom you were very close, if it is possible. You could, for instance, want to be cremated and have your ashes scattered in a place that was special to you. You may even prefer to have your body used for medical education.

    Although your family (or executors) won’t be bound to follow these instructions, it is very likely that they will do their best to give effect to your wishes if you make them clear, if not in your will then perhaps in a Statement of Wishes which you can keep with your will or somewhere your loved ones will know where to find it.

    At Hutton’s, we will help you decide what’s best for you in relation to the preparation of your will and all of the delicate issues which you need to think about.

    You will receive detailed advice on how best to plan ahead and an expertly drafted will, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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