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    What is a homemade will?

    There are strict formalities which must be observed when making a will. It is quite possible to make your own will, but if it does not conform to these legal rules then it is likely to be declared invalid and you will then be regarded as having died ‘intestate’ (i.e. without leaving a valid will).

    If you do die without leaving a valid will, it means that the assets in your estate will be dealt with according to the provisions set out in the relevant legislation. In other words, the law will determine what will happen to your assets and it will be beyond your control.

    Therefore, it is worth seeking professional advice on the preparation of your will to ensure it is valid, so that your wishes will be given effect when you ultimately pass away.

    At Hutton’s, our lawyers have many years of experience in preparing all kinds of wills, including straightforward wills leaving modest assets all to one person or the more complex kind involving foreign property and extensive business assets.

    Whatever your circumstances, you will receive comprehensive advice and an expertly drafted will, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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