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    What happens to my will if I get married or divorced?

    More and more people are deciding not to get married or become civil partners, instead settling into long-term relationships with their loved ones and seeing no need to ‘tie the knot’.

    However, it is important to bear in mind that if you make a will and subsequently do get married or become civil partners, your will could be automatically revoked unless it includes a clause which ensures it will continue to be valid.

    For those who do get married or become civil partners, divorce or dissolution will also have an impact on your will.

    Generally, if your marriage or civil partnership does come to an end your will shall remain valid but your ex-spouse or civil partner will be treated as though he or she had died when the marriage or partnership ended. Any clauses in the will which appoint him or her as your executor or give any property away to him or her, will therefore be null and void.

    At Hutton’s, our lawyers have many years of experience in preparing all kinds of wills. Whatever your circumstances, you will receive comprehensive advice and an expertly drafted will, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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